Digital Graffiti Wall


Digital Graffiti Wall


  • Graffiti Algarve

Take your event to the next level with our Digital Graffiti Wall!

Give your guests something that they’ve never experienced before whilst making your party or event stand out from the rest.

Using cutting edge technology the digital graffiti wall will bring your guests together in a fun, hands on and interactive way whilst also allowing them to embrace their artistic side.

The massive graffiti wall screen gives your guests the opportunity to get creative with an easy to use hand held digital spray can which feels just like the real thing! The user will be given a choice of colours, sprays, brushes, stamps, emojis and effects - everything they’ll need to create the ultimate masterpeice! 

The possibilities are endless with the Digital Graffiti Wall...

  • Create a work of art from scratch
  • Write a message on to a pre loaded background
  • Have a photo taken which is instantly uploaded to the wall and then get creative with the photo!
  • Have a pre-loaded image like a blank outline of a new trainer and get the user to design their own trainer for the launch!


Whatever you decide to do - the artist can be supplied with a print out of their work instantly and will also be able to share their creation straight to their email or social where each share will carry your brand in the foreground and messaging. As the event organiser you can also receive all of the images at the end of the event. 

Like our photobooths the digital graffiti wall is extremely brandable, will create a buzz like never seen before and is guaranteed to get your crowd engaged. Sounds like a no brainer right!?

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