Algarve Wedding Planners

Founded in 2007 by Paula Grade and Karina Sousa, the Algarve Wedding Planners is among the pioneers in the professional organization of weddings in the Algarve. 
Today, we are proud to have achieved huge recognition across borders and, consequently, being the largest and most successful company in organizing weddings in the Algarve. Thanks to our successful formula we decided to expand our company that now includes an international team of experts to guarantee you the highest level of service and personalized attention, small to large details that make up your special day.

Together with our team of professionals: Valérie, Bridget, Marisa Ruth and we assure you a day that will remember for the rest of your lives. Everything will be discussed and organized according to your wishes, down to the smallest detail. So goes the Algarve Wedding Planners honored to orchestrate your day, you will be able to sit and enjoy the preparations.

"We chose to work with a special team of suppliers, we know that will provide the best services in the Algarve" Paula points out.