Memory Pod

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The Memory Pod

Our Memory Pod brings you a bitesize photobooth experience with a bitesized price! This stylish and sleek selfie pod can be just as much fun as the others but may be more suited to those with space restrictions at their venue, who want something a little more casual or who are concious of budget. Guests are promted to press the start button to kick things off and then the Memory Pod will take four photos in row but with time in between each for your guests to change their props! You can just imagine the laughter now! Once the pod has finished capturing those priceless shots it will instantly print two copies - one for your guests to keep and then the attendant will ensure that the second one is slotted into the guestbook (provided by us) and your guests will be asked to leave a written message next to their photo! At the end of the night we'll then be handing you over a nice full guest book full of hilarious but also stylish photos of your nearest and dearest! Sounds great eh?